President's Message

A Message from the Junior League of Morristown President 2016-2017

A warm welcome to our members, community partners, friends, neighbors, and all who have an interest in learning more about the Junior League of Morristown. We are an inspiring group of women with over 80 years of service in Morris County and surrounding areas.
Our members are of all ages and diverse backgrounds: mothers, daughters, aunts, professionals, stay-at-home moms, adventurers, and so much more. But, we all have one thing in common, a strong commitment to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving our community through the effective action of trained leaders.
This year, the Junior League of Morristown is taking on a new issue impact area focused on the health and underserved need of teens in our area. During the past two years, we took a careful look at the needs of our community and where there was potential for the Junior League of Morristown to make an impact. In the 80 years since we’ve been a volunteer organization located in Morristown, many local services and charities have been established to serve the growing needs of our area. Many of which, the Junior League of Morristown helped to form or start, and many of whom we still partner with today. However, we learned that there still remains limited resources for teens in need in our area, and we’ve taken a commitment to explore how we can help.
In addition to our new focus on teens in need, we have a number of established initiatives in the community that our members yearly support with their leadership and time:
   Children Making Healthy Choices – A community project in partnership with the Interfaith Food Pantry designed to address the issue of childhood obesity and food insecurity that our nation is facing.
   Voluntarism Scholarship Program –  JLM's Voluntarism Scholarship Program, which has awarded over 130 scholarships totaling over $200,500 to High School Seniors as well as Women Moving Forward.
   Community Partner Projects – Charitable events with over twenty community partners, including Cornerstone Family Programs, Daytop Village, Jersey Battered Women’s Service, NJ Coalitional Against Human Trafficking, Homeless Solutions, The Morris Museum, and many more.
Beyond our volunteer hours, we also host several events during the year for our members and our friends in the community. This fall will be the first time that the Junior League of Morristown will participate in the Little Black Dress Initiative that was started by the Junior League of London in 2014 with the goal to “Make Poverty Unfashionable.” Participants wear one black dress for five consecutive days with a button that urges others to “Ask Me About My Dress.” Be sure to keep a watch on social media as our members take on the challenge. Even better, feel free to support us and help increase the dialogue on this important topic.
And, in May 2017 we will host our 16th annual Lunch with the Authors event. This daytime fundraiser is always a sold-out lunch event where attendees can hear from some of the latest, top-selling authors over lunch. All proceeds go directly back to the Junior League of Morristown to fund our mission, including various community programs and scholarships. The event is open to all.
Knowing that we are serving our community is a privilege and a source of pride throughout the members of the Junior League of Morristown.  We are always on the outlook for new members, community partners, and sponsors. We would love to hear from you.
Thank you for visiting our page, and please check back to learn more about the work we are doing and our local events.
We are Women Building Better Communities!
Heather Bochner
President 2016-2017
Junior League of Morristown