SPAC - State Public Affairs Committee

What is SPAC?

Founded in 1970, SPAC is a statewide, non-partisan committee made up of representatives from each of the eight Junior Leagues in NJ who join together to take action on select state and national public issues.  NJ SPAC advocates for initiatives and legislation to improve the quality of life for women and children; improve the quality of education; and improve the environment.  SPAC represents a combined membership of 3,000 JL volunteers in NJ.

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Our Advocacy:

Issues at the forefront of SPAC’s statewide efforts include human trafficking, umbilical cord blood donations, environmental issues, childhood obesity, and violence against women.

Human Trafficking

 SPAC continues to focus on ending “modern-day slavery” by contributing as a core

member of the NJ statewide Human Trafficking Task Force (Office of the NJ Attorney General) and the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking.  SPAC volunteers have supported comprehensive bills to levy additional fines for perpetrators of human trafficking, to support targeted survivor programs, and to designate January 11th as NJ Human Trafficking Awareness Day and January as NJ Human Trafficking Prevention Month. 

 In particular, SPAC’s efforts were recognized by Governor Christie in March, when he signed the Human Trafficking Prevention, Protection, and Treatment Act.  Major features of this Act:

  • Creates a Commission on Human Trafficking to review laws and enforcement and make recommendations to state policy makers;
  • Establishes a ‘Human Trafficking Survivor’s Assistance Fund’ to provide victims’ services, promote awareness, and develop training and educational materials; increases both financial penalties and prison time for those who traffic individuals

Umbilical Cord Donations

We seek support a bill (A554/S1711) currently before the state legislature that would provide funding to operate and expand the NJ Cord Blood Bank (NJCBB). NJCBB is a leader in the field of umbilical cord blood banking to provide for non-controversial stem cell transplants, which treat 70 diseases, including sickle cell anemia and several types of cancer.  The bill allocates 20% of the fee charged for birth certificates to support the NJCBB. SPAC has worked for several years to educate legislators and the general public about the value of a public cord blood bank not only for New Jersey residents, but for patients world-wide. 

Environment/Safe Playing Fields Act

SPAC received an award from the NJ Environmental Federation for our work to swap out synthetic pesticides on school grounds/playing fields with alternatives that are safer for children. SPAC volunteers are working hard to pass the Safe Playing Fields Act (A2412/S1143) in New Jersey.

This Bill places new restrictions on the use of pesticides on elementary school and childcare center playgrounds and fields.  It is unanimously endorsed by the Senate environmental committee.  The Bill is also endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics NJ Chapter.  The Bill passed the state Senate last year, but not the Assembly. 

 Violence Against Women

Combating violence against women has been a long-held position of SPAC along with supporting legislation that seeks to assist victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. SPAC is currently investigating other legislation that reflects the committee’s positions and continues to support legislative and community partners who advocate on behalf of women’s safety.


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